Looking back at old Projects – Rejuvenating ‘Rig’



Taken a look back at my University project ‘Rig’ I have decided to try and continue this but instead of carrying this on where I left off I am going back to the basics and hopefully creating a new and better demo for my game idea.

For starters I wanted to grab more secondary research for Rig Designs and ideas, just to get the basic idea I grabbed some images from google to look at it and hopefully get some inspiration for my own designs, below I have included the images I will be hopefully taken into consideration when designing these Rigs.

As a typical Rig will include different smaller/larger objects I can hopefully use these smaller objects as a starting point as I haven’t touched modelling software in a little while and I don’t want to throw myself into the deep end and just start modelling a giant a** rig from scratch.

Well wish me luck!




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Coroflot – New Portfolio Site

So I found a new portfolio site courtesy of another student, Its called Coroflot and you can integrate both your CV, Personal Profile and Portfolio pieces into one. also you can link 3D models, Videos etc and each of these is available on mobile platforms meaning I could show it while travelling etc. As far as I am aware there is not a limit to how many pictures/projects you can upload meaning it’s a slight improvement to using Carbonmade.


The link to my profile/portfolio:


Making Rig Degree Show Ready

After looking at my game from a non experienced perspective I’ve realised that I need to do several improvements to show players how the game works.

– One of these improvements is the starting map, this is facing behind the player and after many attempts I cannot seem to make it work alongside my controls to move with the camera. This is something that I unfortunately couldn’t get in for the hand out but will for the degree show.

– Secondly I will be improving the end part of the level after you have collected the items to show the player where they must go next which is the screenshot below, this is the power station which is labeled on the map but not for the player, I firstly wanted to see if the player would move to the rig after collecting one of each item and seen as the Rig is seen I was hoping the player would naturally go there and after seeing the green halo move over to there but after letting a few family members have a play this was not the case, also when the player does reach the power station they’re not told what button to press or where to press it, in actually fact the player must jump into the hole next to the electrical box and press B which will activate the elevator at the rig, this is again can’t be seen or isn’t being fed back to the player so they don’t know what it is done other than the fact the 1 next to each item will disappear. This was something at first I wanted to see if players would move from the power station and notice the green light being lit on the rig elevator, but again something I missed was that the player hasn’t passed this elevator to reach any items so will not know to go there. This is something  I will hopefully refine and give the players at the degree show a fully working Alpha version of the game RIG with good game flow.


– Also having more on screen texts to show the player where they are going so it allows players who want to finish the level to do it but making the exploring part optionally for players wishing to do so.

– Another slight adjustment I noticed was at the beginning of the game the tutorial tells the player to enter the 3rd container on the left just before entering the city, now some players would find this quite easily but others may have trouble as on the right entrance there is a shack in the way of the player seeing the containers and this may affect the flow of the game.

– Also Changing the button for the map from M to open and N to close to only be binded to one button, this was for simple prototype sake and so I will be changing them to be one button. alongside this I will be reworking the map to give a more accurate position of where the player is when they pick up the map and where the items are. Initially I made the map so I knew were everything was and how the map looked but I didn’t realise that other new players may not because the they have no idea how the level looks or is laid out. But again this is something I wanted to improve on for the degree show and wanted to put in the hand in but my time was being managed on the core gameplay.

– PERFORMANCE! – My games performance increased and ran at a steady FPS in most places but still needs to be running smoother, especially since my computer can handle a lot more than most, unfortunately my Unity Pro trial ran out before I had time to rebuild the Occlusion culling on final time and the Pro version contains most of the assets to improve performance, I was hoping to use college computers but the versions at college and my home are different and so I couldn’t work on the same project at home and at college. So my next step is to look into manually improving my games performance but I will talk about this in more detail in a later post.

– Finally I will be refining down the collision detection to be more precise so there isn’t anything sticking out that could affect the players movement. for example the ladders use a mesh collider so as the player climbs they will stop every so often, I could improve this by adding a box collision instead so the it becomes a much more smooth transaction.

There are many other changes I will be implementing to give my level a much more ‘Tutorial’ feel to it and give the players a positive experience to want to play more of this game. Basically trying to improve on Game Flow rather than the mechanics which are already implemented and ready for the hand in, so next is to improve game flow ready for the degree show.

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RIg – Sound







Another aspect of my game I want to get done in time for the degree show is the sound within the game. This will include:

– Background Noise

– Sound when spotted

– Tempo Music as the player gets closer to victory

– Walking, Running and Jumping Sound Effect

My reasoning for not including this within  the hand in is because I wanted to use my time wisely to finish the level and also refine the mechanics and get all the documentation done. The sound was included in my ‘To-Do’ list but because of time restrictions I didn’t want it to become a rushed job and instead focus on improving the player experience after the hand in for the degree show.

Also in the industry if I was to hand this to a client they would want refined documentation and gameplay to see how the game would work. Audio is something that the players want and so in the end I left this till after the hand in so I could do it as I was improving the GUI and adding more gameplay for the degree show.

The picture below shows how the audio zones will be implemented, including 2 zones, one background will play in the green zone and another one in the red (when the player is closer to the rig), also adding fire sounds to the barrels etc to bring the level to life for the players who play it at the degree show.


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Rig – What’s next?

Looking back at the design process and end product I had done for my FMP I wanted to first refine down this original level before beginning to design new areas.Gameplay_Layout














Looking at the final layout and how I had designed the level I could see several improvements I could implement. The reason I didn’t want to really drastically change the level during the end was because I didn’t want to make any changes which could affect my marks. I got the basic idea of a destroyed city and it started to shape itself into a level based around the story.

Firstly I wanted to corner off the CQB area of my level, the reason from a performance perspective was to allow the engine not to have to load so much at once increasing FPS etc, but from a gameplay perspective it creates obstacles the player must maneuver around or over to explore further.

Secondly  I wanted to allow the player to traverse up the towers and use the Zipline Scripts to create more gameplay mechanics for players. This would mean creating some sort of ledge script so that the player isn’t so free moving at high altitudes and has something to ‘grab onto’ so to speak.

Finally I want to start modelling some finished models to place in the level instead of the place holders to really bring the level to life. also looking into more Visual Effects within Unity to make nicer looking models and levels to improve players experiences.


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Unity – Project Organisation

One improvement I can see myself doing now college is over is to organise my projects in Unity more successfully. As you can see from the screenshot below one thing I really didn’t do well was organising my folders at the start of the project, this was mainly because I kept everything within one project throughout my 3 years. This meant there was a lot clutter about and nothing was put in the right folders until the end.

I found that towards the end when everything was being put in the right folders made working on Unity a lot easier and flowed better. The folders were being organised but it became a job in itself because everything was kept together in the main asset folder. Also it meant searching for old content to show development took longer than expected and so I have learnt from this mistake. Also I seem to forget naming files correctly, this is something major I need to look at in the future as if clients want to see my project they won’t know what “Test_test1” is even though I might.

In the future I will be organising the folders as and when assets are being imported. I will be organising these folders over the next few weeks so after everything is done from college and the degree show I can begin looking towards future projects so organising my folders will mean as new assets are being brought in they can be put in correct folders and I can locate older content more easily.


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